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Sonja & Anders Björklund

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Bumir Born To Be Alive

IntCh NordCh Hanovarian Sinner

Mias Mega-Bar

SCh Bumir A Toute Allure


In Memory

 Best In Show for
Debra   Batterby

 Pyret with her winning  progency group.

  Pyret Best veteran at Crufts 2002

  Pyret playing with Jiminy (Hanovarian Sinner)

  Pyret Best In Show at Club Show  Norway 2002 for Felizita Dylla.
 (Ch Bumir Ici was BOS)

 Pyret on holiday up in north. She is 12 years old and here with "Chance" (Bumir Enchanter Tous)

Pyrets daughter IntCh NordCh WW-96 FinW-96 BS-96 SW-01
Bumir Boule De Neige

IntCh NordCh NW-92 NW-94 NordW-98 NW--02
DKCh SCh NCh BISS Mias Pretty Primrose Bumir


Born 5th of march 1992 Died september 2006

Pyret was from beginning to the end just a joy to live with! From the first minute I met her when I bought her from Ann- Mari Haugsten Hansen in Norway I fell in love! And wow for a sensation in the ring she was!
At that time we could show our puppies from 4 months of age at official shows. Same day she went 4 months she became Best In Show Puppy for Kenneth Edh at a big jubilee show in Sundsvall. When 6 months - on the day - it was time for her second show, the swedish club show with Juha Kares judging. She went Best In Show again. In nordic countries we can take CCs from 9 months of age. Pyrets debute  was at Norwegian
winner show, once again she was 9
months on the day. Hans Lehtinen made her Best Of Breed and she got the title Norwegian Winner 1992 and her first CC. Sadly we couldnt stay for the finals. Her career went on like this every year. She ended her career as a show dog 2002 with Norwegian Club Show were she became Best In Show and Crufts in England were she became Best Veteran for Janet Edwards. She was the most winning löwchen for at least 3 years so she won the prize for ever.

Below is the results she had from the Club Shows she was entered at:

Best in Show Puppy Club Show 1992, judge: Juha Kares, kennel Chic Choix
BIS-? Club Show 1995, judge: Signe Eldor, kennel Sönnafjellet
Best In Show Club Show 1996, judge: Debra Battersby, kennel Chensiv
BIS-4 Club Show Norway 1997, judge: Juha Putkonen, kennel Juron
BIS-5 Club Show 1998, judge: Gini Denninger, kennel Ashford
BIS-? Club Show Norway 1998, judge: Sandy Steward, kennel Pridesteen
BIS-2, BIS-Veteran och BOS Club Show Norway 1999, judge: Anne MacDonald, kennel Hanovarian
BIS-3, BIS-Veteran och BOS Club Show Norway 2000, judge: George Hookway, kennel Beaulion.
BIS-5 och BIS-Veteran Club Show 2000, judge: Janet Perret-Green, kennel Duncara.
Best In Show Club Show Norway 2002. judge: Felizita Dylla, Tyskland. Kennel vom Burgwald.

Pyret was planned to be one of my foundation bitches. At that time almost no one eyetested their dogs, but coming from American Cockerspaniel I wanted to do that. In north, where I lived at that time, there was only twice per year you could do that so when she came in heat earlier than planned I didnt hesitate to mate her 3 weeks before the eyetest. Because there were no problems in the breed! Imagine my chock when the vet said she had suspicious PRA. Two weeks later I drove for 5 hours down to the specialist to ERG test her. The result; suspicious PRA. She got 3 super puppies, I sold all of them not keeping anything for breeding. When Pyret was 4 years old I went back for a new ERG test. She had no problem with her sight. The result; still just suspicious PRA. At this point the specialist wanted me to take a testlitter with her son because there was a big chance there wasnt PRA because the result was the same as two years earlier (no change at all) and PRA is progressiv. Something should have happened in two years. So I applied for a testlitter. There were many places to get okay from and when it finally came through she was 7! It took 3 years to get it! I still tried but I never had that testlitter. So instead I went for a 3rd ERG - and still the same result!
I still regret not keeping one puppy from her but I only had the first result to work from at that point. She kept full sight until 12 years of age when she started to loose it by cataract. What I can say from this is that Pyret also gave me an important experience from this. To test and test again. The result may change - for worse or better!

Rest in peace my beloved Pyret!